Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Meanwhile in the garden...

Plants and fruit are growing good! The first tomatoes are starting to grow on our plants. In the picture is the big tomatoe we have, but the cherry tomatoes are doing very good as well. Lots of little flowers, and the first tiny green tomato babies. We were worried about them, because the potatoes were being kind of rude and hanging all over them. Tomatoes are apparently tough little buggers and grow right through them. The blue berries are already picked and eaten. Not as many as we hoped, but they were delicious! 
And beets girls and guys, just look at them with their pretty red and white circles.

The weather has been fabulous. Very warm, maybe a little too warm but the plants liked it, so it's all fine. We took our doggies to the local lake. Little Daisy didn't like it one bit. While she usually likes to play with other doggies, now she just got moody and chased them all off, growling, having little maltese tantrums because we were swimming and she didn't dare. I'm afraid we did have a little laugh over her. 

My sweet shepherd Sofie though, she was a hero! She has never swam before, didn't dare either, but now we were in the lake as well, she put on her brave hat and swam right to us. Such a brave puppy! After a few rounds of swimming she even seemed to enjoy it. And what's better than a normal cuddle? A wet cuddle :)

I think I already told you I got this pattern, and in between all the other things we did, I finished this little elephant. Isn't she adorable! This little elephant does have some balancing issues, her head is too heavy, but I guess that's just because she's so smart.

She has a dream of joining the circus..

And then, last but not least: My pretty Mollie sticking her nose in my business. Sweet thing.

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  1. That elephant is adorable! Where did you get the pattern?