Tuesday, July 30, 2013

These monkeys

They crack me up! We visited the Duisburg Zoo two weeks ago. Some German zoo's are closer to where we live in the Netherlands than the closest Dutch zoo, and usually much more fun. Bigger, so more space for the animals, more species and well, they have "curry wurst"! Duisburg Zoo has a lot of monkeys, which is good, because I. Love. Monkeys. And this species of monkeys are the best. I had never seen them before, King Colobus they are called. Look at their little grumpy, dissaproving faces, adorable! I might need to crochet one. Using this pattern for instance, and giving it a little grumpy mouth and long hairs. 

There were more animals of course. I especially loved the sloth that lived in the monkey hall. He's got ropes hanging from the roofs, on which he could hang and move to some islands with trees. Right above our heads, you could touch him if you wanted to. Highlight of my zoo visit my friends, I love that sloth!

And also, a minipotamus <3 and so much more cuties.
Somewhat jealous of the little girl in the boat with the dolphins,
how cool is that!


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