Monday, July 1, 2013

Lollo in June

 June was one of those months where you'd wish a month had 60 days instead of 30. Busy busy. Work has been great in the first two weeks lots of hours for me, but right now there is no work at all, that's what you get as freelancer. But: more time to crochet! With a bit of a pessimisctic partner, I try to always see the positive things. Except there was not more time to crochet, I did a lot of gardening, caring for friends, watching my good friends' baby on thursdays. But right now things are slowing down and I'm actually getting some hookery done. No mosaik though.

I loved my Happypotamus so much, I imediately purchased *this pattern* for the teddy bear. So pretty! I made him out of merino wool, so he is super soft. A little more complex to put together, I'm afraid some swearing has been heard in our little house, but here he is, lovely little pink Lollo Bear:

And guess what.. I already purchased the next pattern, *Nellie the Elephant*, adorable!

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