Sunday, September 8, 2013

Work in Progress

I've not been posting a lot, things are a bit chaotic at home and in my head, and I have been having a hard time finding motivation for crafting and especially blogging. I'm sure things will get more quiet soon, and there will be more wool dyeing, crocheting and photographing. We're also planning to build a bigger run for our bunnies, and then finding a new addition to our bunny family, real actual wool bunnies. Aren't they pretty? I'll make sure to spam them until you can't see them anymore ;)  I'm hoping to find one or two angora bunnies from a shelter, two males to have "helped" and then match with my two girl bunnies.
But first we need to finish their house. This posts' first WiP.

Picture by Catherine Ledner

Works in progress is all I can show you at the moment really. Last week I took the time to take pictures of most of my wips for my Ravelry pages, I don't like having projects without pictures on my projects page, somehow it's very motivating to see the progress shots of my work.

My last ever 100% acryl project. Ever. It's funny how my ideas about wool quality have changed over the past year. I always figured: why spend 5, 6,10, or even more euros on yarn when there are also one or two euro yarns. I'd buy €2.20 cotton, but that was about the most I'd spend on yarn. Untill I did buy prettier yarns, I was spoiled forever, a proper yarn snob. I will have to finish this project though, it will be fine for picknicks, and for the bed in the guestroom, to make it a little less of a boring place. 

Extra fine baby merino. One of the spoilers. So, so, so pretty. And so soft, oh my.. And as if that wasn't enough, it has another great quality: when I dye it, the colours become so very vibrant! Just look at those colours, the golden yellow is dyed with onion peels, the orange with madder. Just gorgeous, I was thrilled when I took them out of the dyeing pot and washed them out. The african flowers will become a little pony, another Heidi Bears pattern, still obsessed ;)

So bad even, that I currently having four Heidi Bears animal WiP and one more project planned, woops! An other pony, in the team colours of my Roller Derby league, see below. This pony is becoming a pegasus, as we're the 'Arnhem Fallen Angels', I just had to.. She's almost done, I will probably show her later this week. 

This is crazy. I know. Fully aware. But I just love a crafty challenge. These teeny tiny flowers are going to become a teeny tiny hippo. Not making very quick progress, I can only work on it with good (day)light. So much fun to make though, and I can't wait for it to be finished, in all it's cuteness.  

 This stuff people, baby alpaca wool. With silk. So. Very. Soft. I just have to pet it, and hold it against my face to feel the softness of it. I'm making a baby blanket out of it.

I'm a bit of a Drops/Garnstudio girl at the moment. The red and blue pony is being done with Drops Safran, a very soft cotton, although a little splitty, and the baby merino is from Drops as well. Most of my former projects were made with Drops yarns too, now I think of it. Their yarn is affordable but at the same time of a good quality, very good stuff for those prices.

That was it for now. I'm off to my bed. Night night lovelies x

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