Monday, January 14, 2013

My family and me

My family is mostly four-legged and furry. Except for me, of course, and my partner.  We live in a small house with a small garden, in a small town in the most eastern part of the Netherlands, 9km from the German border. We dream of moving to Sweden, but with the financial crisis going on at the moment, there is no way we will sell our current house, so we're just making the best of it, we do love our little home.

I love animals, I should've been born on a farm instead of in a big town, but alas, I was born in a town called Gouda, yes, from the cheese, and had parents who were not really loving my idea of a personal petting zoo. Now I've moved out and am proving that a small house with a small garden can be a small farm as well. Sofie is a Dutch Shepherd dog, my beautiful friend who I spent a lot of outdoorsy time with, I just love taking long walks with her. Her little doggy sister is Daisy, a maltese mix.

Lukas is a little street fighter, he's not home a lot, only when it's feeding time, or very cold. He likes to think of himself as a tough little man, but he is oh so camera shy. Mollie spends a lot of time sleeping on a sheeps skin, she's a princess kitty and likes to be treated that way.

And then the two bunny rabbits! Soofje and Lodewijk. They're both rescues and not tamable, believe me I tried! I don't know what happened tot hem before. They're agressive, grumpy and totally no fun at all, but what can I say.. I love their little moody ways. I risk my fingers to put them in their play pen every day, and back in their house, feed them yummy goodies and take pictures of them, and apart from that, just let them live their bunny lifes.

That's my family! You will probably see more of them every now and again. Because I just loooove them and can't help myself, I need to show them off.

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  1. Such cute photos! It is nice to learn the personalities behind the photos too.