Tuesday, January 15, 2013

That is some orange!

Yesterday I finally got to try out dyeing on our new fire place, yoo-hoo! It is probably my favourite yarny hobby, I <3 it.

It was the first really cold day of the year, actually freezing, but it didn't stop me. When I've set my mind to something.. Put on something warm, lit the fire, filled the kettle with water, in which I desolved 100 grams of alum mordant, for 600 grams of wool, added the wool and let it heat up and softly boil for about an hour. Meanwhile sorting out and washing raw wool I've had lying around for way too long, time to work it into something. Something colourfull, most likely.

And while the fire burned and the cauldron bubbled, I decided what to dye first, took the other wool out, added the madder roots and a few hours later... I was the proud creator of Dutch football coloured wool, a shocking orange! The yellow in the picture is from an earlier dye adventure with onion peels.

 It's obviously not cleaned and carded, it's not completely dry yet, but I couldn't wait to take pictures. Isn't it just beau-ti-ful! I was hoping for a darker red teint, but I can totally live with this!

I also dyed some yarns. Big chunky 100% wools that are great for winter shawls, super warm gloves and nalbinding- an ancient technique of which I might show something later. They didn't turn into a shocking orange, but still orange, and still pleased. Again, the yellows are from the onion dye I did earlier.

And now, now I wait untill everything is dry, card the wool, roll the yarn up neatly and store it. But right now, I'm going to make a big cup of tea and plant my cold ass on the couch with a good book. It's snowing outside- glad that didn't start yesterday!- and I just came back from a long walk with the dog. We've had a blast, and now we're tired- and I'm cold, brrr. 

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