Friday, March 8, 2013

I love bugs!!

Crushed to powder and cooked up in my dyeing kettle, that is! 

It was my first time dying with cochinille and the result is gorgeous! A lovely pink and light purple. The picture on the left is how it looked in the kettle, and below is pretty close to the end result, big difference and a little bit disapointing at first, I kinda liked the bright purple/pink, but I think I prefer how it is now. I dyed 3 kinds of wool yarn, fingering and worsted and some kind of bulky yarn, and some racka wool.

Usually my unspun wool will get the darkest colour, that is because the dye can get into the fibres easier, but this time it ended up very light. It doesn't matter, I just wonder why?

Will definitely need to buy more cochinille because I love this, and want to experiment with other mordants.

While I was dying I carded the racka wool I had dyed before, onion yellow and madder orange. A tedious job, but very rewarding, those beautiful wools.. All ready to be felted.

This arived for me this morning!

I participated in a swap on Ravelry, and this is what my swap partner got me. My parcel for her hasn't arived yet so I will post pictures of what I made her later, but I'm so happy with my gifts, I just had to share! Lovely wool/cotton yarn in very pretty colours, autumn leaves coasters, a mug with a cute cozy, lots of chocolates (Flakes are my favourite but they don't sell any Cadburys in the Netherlands), tea from Yorkshire and Simply Crochet Magazine. Happy Amber is happy!

I promised a picture, but I'm afraid I deleted them. My swap partner took a picture though:

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