Monday, April 29, 2013

April colours.

Between work and other hobbies I haven't had a lot of craftsy time, but I have been working on one big project, this granny square blanket. It's a lot of work but although all those grannies might seem awfully boring, it's a very relaxing project after a busy day. And it's also perfect to do while working, as it requires absolutely no thinking at all ;)

Because I have a horrible record of making tons of squares but never stitching them together (hate it!), I'm using the Join-as-you-go method I found at Lucy's blog. Won-der-ful! It's supereasy and although I think sewing them together looks better, at least I'm actually finishing a project now.

I'm making the scraps into a matching pillow case. I don't like having tons of scraps around and I'm super picky when it comes to choosing yarn and colours for a project, so scraps never get used and eventually thrown away. This seemed like a good idea to use them immediately and just look, those tiny granny sqaures are adorable!

My red bamboo wool shawl is finished! Finally. It still needs blocking, which I will do later this week, but other than that, all done. It was a rather boring project, and all that kept me going was the gorgeous wool. I have one and a half ball left, which I will turn in a dachshund. My next "grown ups" project will be this crochet shawl. Can't wait to start, it will be my first lace project. I love lace so much, but have been a little intimidated and couldn't really find good and pretty patterns for crochet. When I found this beauty I decided it's time to go for it. Click for the pattern. Isn't it gorgeous?

And first, the fun of picking a yarn, yay! I'm thinking a deep purpleish red or bordeaux.

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