Thursday, May 2, 2013

Of tomatoes, fire places and nosey pets

The baby tomatoes needed a bigger pot, awww, they're growing up so fast. After repotting they also moved from the little room upstairs to the living room, for more sunlight, I'd like to be able to repot them in their final pots and put them outside as soon as possible. Cat Mollie had to poke her nose in of course, all our pets seem to have that little problem. More on that later.

I've given up on the pepper plants, they don't want to come up, I'm afraid I've killed the seeds, leaving them out in the shed all winter. Better luck next year, with all the other vegetables and fruits we have enough plants to take care of.

Dear GG built me a new fire place. A better one!

I haven't been dyeing lately because the tripod I used to put my kettle on, boke down on me a few weeks ago. Luckily no one was standing next to it when the boiling hot water came gushing down with the kettle. But having the new fire place means I can dye again, happy me! It's a good thing too, the onion peels are starting to take over our kitchen. 

I told you all our pets have to "help" us with whatever we're doing right? Here's Sofies ear with the heat resistant glue stuff GG used for the fire place.

She just -had- to see what he was doing!

Almost innocent <3

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