Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Quiet Day

The chestnut trees behind our house are in bloom, so pretty. 

 GG is away all day, first a job interview and after he's visiting friends who live on the way back. I'm making myself pesto pasta and enjoying a well needed day alone.

I'm spending it admiring our potatoe plants, watching crime series, drinking tea and working on my blanket a little, and the second Happypotamus I just *had* to start. I have the African Flower Bear pattern as well, but I first need to buy some hooks, which I forgot to order with my last big wool order. Oh well, peanut butter, will get them next week. 

Sofie is keeping me company. Little miss doofy face.
This cutie came to live with us two weeks agao. She totally got here by accident, I just can't say no to a sweet bunny who needs a home. She doesn't have a proper name yet, right now we're calling her "Metal Headje" because of her lovely long black hair, it will probably stick. I'm hoping to match her to our other bunny, but so far, they're not really liking each other, bunnies are mean ladies.

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