Friday, September 27, 2013

Finished Friday

Earlier this week I got this idea that will hopefull motivate me a little to finish my bigger works in progress. Finished Friday. Every friday I will have finished one big (ish) project, take a good picture of it, play with editing a little and write about it on my blog. I have lots of project bags lying around, so there should be enough for me to choose from. And otherwise.. well.. I can always start new projects and finish them in time.

For this week it's not going to be anything craftsy though.
Today we harvested our patatoes! That's sort of like finishing a project, right?

We dreamed of a tower filled with potatoes, but that didn't really work out as good as we had hoped, we only had one layer of the tower filled with potatoes.. We still got a lot though, for a little garden experiment. We don't eat them very often, so this should get us pretty far untill harvest time 2014.

I can't wait to make "Stamppot", mashed purple potatoes with orange carrots, how's that for fun food?

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