Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Fotography: +1xp

Oh, excuse me the geeky title.

Just like my friend One Badass Mother, I decided to work on my photography skills. We seem to have a way of motivating eachother to try out new things and work harder on things we were already doing. I suppose about 22 years of friendship can do that, even though our lives got in the way and we're not joined at the hip anymore, like we were in pre-school. Whatsapp rocks :)

So. Photography. I think I've always taken decent pictures, just not mind blowing you know? I didn't really know how some of my settings work, and editing on the computer? Err.. Click some buttons, and tadah!? No, usually more of "ta...meh." I decided to get Lightroom and to start shooting in RAW. Something that has been scary for a while, but just like so many things, I should have done it a long time ago. I also decided to try using some more buttons on my camera, and, well, it helped! These are some pictures I took this week. I especially like the pidgeon picture. I love birds, so maybe I'm a little biased. Long way to go, but learning things is fun, and I hope to see some improvement over the next months.

PS: the sheep was super scary to photograph. He got a little pissed off at me and my camera, he was threating me like an angry bull. Stomping is hoof and all, I basicly risked my life! But look, he's so pretty..

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  1. Yay for motivating each other!
    Stunning pictures, and great job with Lightroom!