Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Cozy crochet jar candle cozies

I had seen these cute little jar cozies on Pinterest, but never managed to find nice patterns for them. All I could find were simple granny paterns, and that was just not really what I liked. I set the idea aside for a while, until I stumbled on crochet stitch diagrams and realised I don't need a pattern specifically for jar cozies, any crochet pattern would do. So I created these three. They are small babyfood jars I got from a friend, perfect size for a little tea light. I will make more over the next week, to bring to an autumn/winter fair. My first time on a fair with a stand, eek, scary!

I used these two diagrams this time:

An other little project that was quick and fun to do, with a great result. Look how cozy they make my evening work and craftsy time look. All that's missing is the tea. And maybe some bonbons. :)


  1. These are gorgeous! I began recently to crochet is there a written pattern available?

  2. Where is the p pattern....usual with pin interest lots of lovely ideas but no directions as to where to buy pattern