Thursday, October 31, 2013

To the bunny show!

 Always ready to corrupt others with my love for bunnies, I took my friend One Badass Mother to the bunny show last weekend :) Technically it was a small animal show, they had pidgeons and geese and turkeys as well, but cute as they are, I was there for the bunnies. My friend didn't think she liked rabbits, because of a bad experience when she was a child. She never really understood my love for these little critters, and that was something that had to be changed. We had a good time, and were even thought to be "the press", with our superduper professional looking camera bags ;) Small town living.

Unfortunately they had no angora's, but the other bunnies were all adorable, and I loved how all the breeds had different personalities. The little dotted Mini Rex's were our favourite, very active little boys and girls, very curious and not at all nervous. And a lovely coat too. Maybe, one day..

Mission accomplished, she now wants ten rabbits!

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  1. I love your pictures. It looks like you had a lovely time at the show and I have time for anyone who wants to convince the world of how cute and clever rabbits can be!

    (We have a lot of trouble with feral rabbits in Australia where they are major pests, and rabbits are not allowed to be kept as pets in many parts of Australia.)

    My family is lucky in that we are allowed to keep rabbits where we live.

    Do you know which breed the grey rabbit is? (last photo)

    Thank you for posting your photos.