Thursday, October 24, 2013

A windy autumn walk with Sofie

 Oh, hurry up!

I take a long walk alone with Sofie a few times a week, usually on these roads. It's beautiful there, I've shown pictures before I think. Right now, autumn time, it's the best. I love how everything looks different every day, new colours, less greens and more reds and yellow, it's gorgeous. And these berries, aren't they lovely? My mom always took some home from the park, but these were growing in a private garden, unfortunately.

 Sometimes I even get to see wild life, birds of course, and squirrels, sometimes even deer, though I have to get up early for those. Today I got very close to a pheasant, I guess he wasn't really paying attention as I could get within less than a meter before he realised Sofie and I were there. 

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