Sunday, January 20, 2013

Little bag of happy

I finished my birthday present for the hopefully soon to be born baby of good friends. The last baby present for a while, there has been a bit of a baby boom in my circle of friends. Pretty pleased with the result! Picture later.

A finished object means starting a new one and that meant a trip to the yarn store, lucky me! I chose this red bamboo/wool yarn. Never worked with bamboo before, I never even heard of it! It's lovely though, nice and shiny, easy to work with and supersoft. I'm making a shawl out of it. The grey is 100% wool for a shawl my boyfriend requested. I guess it's a little late since we're probably having the coldest days of the year right now. At least he will have something for next winter!

Today I have been working on the beautiful red merino I am spinning. I got it as a present from a friend, together with an Ashford spindle. Years ago I spun a little bit of raw wool up at medieval fairs which was a bit of disaster due to a bad quality spindle and hard to spin wool, this is so much better! And then she even tells me this wool isn't really great and hard to spin. Well, I don't know whether it was the wool or the old spindle, but compared to my earlier experiences, this is a breeze! I didn't make much yardage yet, but I'm already loving it, they did a lovely dye job on the wool.

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